Native New Yorker Walking Tours - Charles Schwartz, licensed and insured NYC Sight Seeing Guide
About Native New Yorker
I am the sole proprietor and guide of Native New Yorker Walking Tours, I am a native New Yorker.  I am insured, and I am licensed as a Sight-Seeing Guide by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. My Sight Seeing Guide License Number is 1263166. 
I always give back to my guests much more than they expect.
For years I have been a volunteer with Big Apple Greeter.   I have been featured in several articles on walking tours in New York City, most recently in Le Devoir and The New York Times and USA Today.
I am a geographer and educator and have lived my entire life in New York City.  I enjoy taking visitors on private walking tours around Manhattan as well as to the outer boroughs -  to parts of New York City that are off the beaten path.  I speak English, French, German, a little Italian and New York-ese, and I can accommodate persons with accessibility needs.
(01) 1-917 974-8637
When writing to me, remember to include the "dots" in my e-mail address; accept NO substitutes!  I am THE one and only...
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